Vaping in Malaysia – What You Should Know

Many of us enjoy a good vape with a good flavor. It helped us kick our bad notorious smoking habit. But with the number of vapers increasing so dramatically everyday, we thought it’s time to be more aware about the vaping scene, and be a more responsible, caring and considerate person / vaper.

Things your should know about #vaping.

Vaping is..
.. for adults only
.. a means for smokers to quit cigarettes
.. a safer alternative to smoking
.. NOT, NEVER to be used with DRUGS of any form and shape
.. NOT a grenade, use it without causing an explosion
.. NOT cool, don’t start vaping just because you think its cool
.. NOT a fashion, it doesn’t make you look more fashionable
.. NOT a chimney, don’t vape just because you want to blow clouds
.. NOT for children
.. NOT for pregnant women
.. NOT for people with medical conditions
.. NOT for pets

Vapers should..
.. NOT drip and drive
.. be considerate, do not make innocent people inhale your second hand vape unnecessarily
.. NOT vape in non-smoking places
.. learn more about their devices/mods, e-liquids and batteries
.. NOT put DRUGS into your tanks, please
.. try not to get infected by #shinyitus

One thought on “Vaping in Malaysia – What You Should Know

  1. Thanks for the article. About time to draw the line and create awareness of what is vaping and what is not or that this is another fad that comes from another side of the world or because “cool kids” are doing it. Keep it up!!

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