The Lady, The Mad Queen and The Mother by Throne Liquids

Do you feel like a King or Queen? Are you bored of sitting in your castle everyday doing nothing? Why not try vaping Throne Liquids? A series of unique flavors that don’t resemble local flavors but are still worth giving a try.

First off will be The Lady, as the saying goes ‘Ladies first’, which is my personal favorite out of the three flavors I will be reviewing. It is a mango based flavor which is not too sweet but not mild either. It tastes like a wild mango due to its ripe yet raw taste. It’s as if you just picked up a matured mango fruit that had just fallen off its tree and took a bite out of it. If you’re looking to take a break from the usual mango flavors that are overly sweet, this could be a refreshing alternative.

The second flavor out of the three is The Mad Queen. This flavor tasted like the spicy Hacks candy, that most people are probably familiar with, when I first tried it but as I continued vaping it I could tell that it is more complexed than that. It is in fact a flavor that is a blend of apple with hints of aloe vera, lychee and apple wood where the taste of apple is very dominant. I would recommend it to shisha lovers out there as it tastes just like a shisha flavor.

Finally, The Mother, which is a flavor that most people will fail to identify on their first try as it is a unique blend of passionfruit, grape and cognac brandy. After knowing the profile of this flavor, I’m sure you will agree with me that the brandy can be tasted immediately followed by the aromatic flavor of passionfruit. The grape will be a bit difficult to taste but if you pay attention, you will be able to notice that there is a slight grape undertone on the exhale of the flavor. I highly recommend trying this flavor on a tank because it really brings out the flavor as compared to running it on a dripper.

All 3 Throne Liquids flavors contain adjustable nicotine strengths and a 70VG/30PG ratio. This means that you can satisfy your nicotine needs while producing massive clouds. Despite it being 70VG, the flavor is not mild at all and the sweetness is just right. It is also not cold at all, so for all the vapers that dislike cold flavors, do give these flavors a try.

On a side note, these flavors don’t gunk your coils as much due to its low sugar content, so you won’t have to recoil every few days while using these flavors. I would also like to note that this is solely my own opinion so please give it a try yourself as you might have different tastes from mine and do recommend it to your friends as well!

This great collection is available at and Throne E-Liquids official site.

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