Fogger V6 RBA By Yi Loong Review

It’s the Sixth Fogger! I still remember awhile back the fogger V1 was introduced as the Taifun GT Killer, now it’s an atomizer of it’s own. Dual coil setup, similar to the Orchid, holds 4ml of juice, No issues wicking and it is top fill. Not much to hate about this atomizer to be honest.

Kayfun V4 vs Kayfun Lite – Should you upgrade?

In this video I compare the Kayfun V4 clone vs the Kayfun Lite original. But it applies to both if you have either one original or both clones. I’m just explaining the concepts of both and my opinion on which is better.

AGR Carto Tank Review

This tank got good reviews and I can understand why,very well build,performs well,locks your carto in place and doesn’t leak! Wonderful!