Rail Box Mod DNA40 Clone – Big,Heavy,Badass

Here it is guys, the Rail Box Clone by ?? No idea who makes them. All I know it’s a very nicely build mod, thank God the chip is actually decent. That was my only concern. The rail works perfectly. So far, one of the best clones this year definitely. Pricey at Rm500/$140 but in my opinion, for this quality It’s definitely worth it.

HCigar VT40 DNA40 V5 Review – Splendid!

Been eyeing out for this mod since it was released. Really a fan of the looks for styling, plus it uses the Evolv DNA40 V5. Latest, large screen version. Very very nice mod and overall I’m very pleased with what HCigar has become. Don’t think you can go wrong buying this one.

Vapor Flask Clone by Yi Loong Review- Fantastic clone

Got this in the mail recently and I would say it is a fantastic clone by Yi Loong, the makers of the fogger. The chip inside this mod is the RY9 by Rayn Brothers. If you can look past some wonky bottom caps and the non adjustable 510, this is an awesome mod.

Sigelei Mini 30Watt Review- Awesome Stuff!

*Stupid me for reading a site instead of watching Pbursardo’s review on the chip, PWM actually stands for Pulse Width Modulation. So yeah it’s not mechanical mode*