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The brand name Spot On by Republic of Chimps E-Liquid may not be familiar among many, however they aren’t all that new to seasoned vapers around the globe. Their other range Cloud Chasing Chimps (CCC) may be a more familiar name which is also by Republic of Chimps.  Spot On is the first range of flavors that I’ve tried by the Republic of Chimps.

Republic of Chimps is brewed in Malaysia. This range of e-juice come in the form of a simple yet quality and distinct taste, hence the name Spot On as the e-liquids are spot on down to the very last drop of the bottle. I mean, Cranberry Juice tastes like cranberry, Rootbeer tastes exactly like Root Beer. Period.

Currently, Spot On has a range of six different flavors, each with its own unique characteristics. In my humble opinion, Spot On aren’t something super fantastic on their own, however they are unique because each and every individual flavour is made to mix well with each other and it’s up to us vapers/consumers to mix-and-match to our preferred taste.

Spot On by Republic of Chimps ROC

Range of Spot On flavors

  • Cranberry Juice
  • Canned Peach
  • Passion Fruit
  • Rootbeer
  • Energy Drink
  • Mango Candy

  • I also noticed that this range of flavors by the Republic of Chimps uses a really good quality of raw materials.  Do take note from the image above that all the Spot On flavors have a really clear juice color. This is simply because it does not contain any artificial coloring. With all the good stuff within the bottle, these juices do not gunk up your coils as compared to other juices as they use Stevia as the juice’s sweetener, therefore the cotton around the coils does not have any form of color changes as compared by the image below.

    Usually my coils get gunked like this after three days
    Usually my coils get gunked like this after three days

    Third day on Spot on E-Liquid. Coils and cotton still fresh.
    Third day on Spot on E-Liquid. Coils and cotton still fresh.

    Overall, I’ve tried Spot On flavours on my various Tanks (RTA) and Drippers (RDA) including the UD Bellus, Mutation X V4 as well as the Kangertech Subtank Mini. I realize that the best of the flavours come from the Kangertech Subtank Mini for a tank and the Mutation X V4 for a dripper, both with all airholes fully opened. I’ve tried mixing a few of Spot On juices together and so far I’ve came up with two combinations that I really enjoy.

    Spot On E-Juice combinations:

    1. Rude Peach: A combination of Rootbeer and Canned Peach with a ratio of 3:2.
    2. Passion Beer: A combination of Passion Fruit and Rootbeer with a ratio of 1:3.

    Rude Peach provides a cooling root beer flavour with a tinge of peach aftertaste which comes together to provide a soothing sensation to the mind and to the soul.

    Passion Beer reminded me of when I was a child going into the ice-cream shop as it reminded me of one of my favourites, Root Beer float with passionfruit sorbet. The flavour of a smooth root beer coupled with the sweet juiciness of a passionfruit.

    To wrap it up, I would recommend Spot On by the Republic of Chimps to those who are looking for straight-forward yet authentic juices, and also to those who are feeling rather adventurous who wish to design their own blend.

    Spot On by Republic of Chimps retails at RM40 per 30ml bottle, nicotine strength of 6mg, and are all 40:60 for its PG:VG ratio.

    Where to get Spot On E-Liquid? Here’s a little list for your convenience:

    1. Vape Kingdom @ Alam Damai
    2. Vape Kingdom @ Kepong
    3. #garagevape @ Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya
    4. Vaper Streamz @ Klang
    5. Vape Hous @ PJ
    6. The Bari Express Vape Boutique

    Vape hard, vape strong
    – Fog of Helios –

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