Mango Peach Tea & Breakfast Milkloops by Drip Master

The brand Drip Master may be a new brand to the vape community but they are still a force to be reckoned with. Many people may not have heard of how great their juices are as they still rather new in the market.

One fateful day, Mango Peach Tea by Drip Master caught my eye with their unique, elegant flavor. Right after the first puff I could feel myself seeking more and more and before I knew it half the bottle was already gone!

Drip Master has said that Mango Peach Tea is “An all-day vape with burst of Philippine mango on inhale, with a sweet juicy peach-tea-like on exhale complemented with a frosty cool refreshing effect overall”. It’s safe to say that they were truthful in all accounts.

The inhale gave me a nice mango taste that wasn’t too strong nor was it too mild. The exhale gave me a distinctive peach taste as it was complemented by a pleasant tea-like finish. I’d say the overall composition for Mango Peach Tea is one of the best mango and peach combination out there in the market. With quality ingredients and precise brewing, it’s not a surprise that this flavour is among the top of its respective class.

Normal E-liquid usage after 2 days. Notice the gunk on the coils above
Normal E-liquid usage after 2 days. Notice the gunk on the coils above
Less Gunks from Drip Master Mango Peach Tea After Two Days
Less Gunks from Drip Master Mango Peach Tea After Two Days

Drip Master has also brewed a new e-liquid which is catered towards vapers with a creamier taste pallet. Breakfast Milkloops is THE name to keep in mind. In contrary to popular belief that creamy flavours are not vape-able all day, Breakfast Milkloops does not possess an overwhelming sweetness which in result leaves your vaping experience without a feeling of sate. Personally, this creamy delight reminds me a lot of eating cereal with milk and fruits as the people from Drip Master described Breakfast Milkloops; a dominant fruity burst of raspberry with an overall milky sensation. All that sounds delightful and I’m confident to say that the sensation I got whilst vaping this flavour doesn’t at all drift far apart from said description.

Why choose Drip Master?

  • Drip Master E-liquids uses USP-grade (United States Pharmacopeia) Propelene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and nicotine which has been brewed to perfection.
  • Drip Master E-liquids condemn the usage of artificial coloring in their juices; any color found comes naturally from flavorings and nicotine stain after steeping.
  • Drip Master E-liquids uses glass bottles with safety caps for their packaging with waterproof labeling. Drip Master E-liquids have acquired a brand flavoring from Capella which aims towards flavorings suited to a majority of vapers’ taste pallets.
  • Drip Master E-liquids uses local Malaysian cooling agents for the cooling effect
    All of Drip master’s E-liquids are steeped to perfection to achieve optimal flavour.

Juice Specifications

  • Price : RM45
  • Size : 30mL
  • Nicotine : 6mg
  • VG : 60%
  • PG : 40%
  • Cooling effect : Local cooling agent

To summarise things, I’d say with such a competitive market of juices, Drip master’s is not a competitor to underestimate. The presentation and bottling is done well and is aesthetically pleasing. The flavour is easy to indulge in, be it Mango Peach Tea or Breakfast Milkloops. Don’t be surprised if you happen to find yourself vaping these flavors for hours on end.

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