Latest review of Drip Code E-Liquids

It’s been some time since we’ve heard news about how the Black series by Drip Code is doing. So here is a brief updated review of the flavors and their current status in terms of consistency and whether the delicious taste that we all know and love has been maintained.


It is crafted with the delicious blend of both the juiciness of grapes and lychees. On the inhale, there’s a bursting flavour of lychee that comes with a mild aftertaste of grape sweetness. On the exhale, the vapor is silky and smooth, leaving a taste of grape with a touch of lychee in a perfectly layered ratio. This fruity juice also sends a hint of coolness down the throat, and is quite refreshing to vape on a hot day.


This flavour is sweet, yet it does not bring out any artificial taste that you might get from a lot of sweet fruity juices. The fragrant taste of the mango kicks in immediately when inhaling on the inhale, blended with a distinct guava taste afterwards. It also contains a slight hint of mintiness on the exhale, balancing out the sweetness on the taste buds. This makes the flavour quite enjoyable to vape on without feeling overwhelmed from the sweetness of the mango flavour. It is definitely a taste that makes u savor every puff!


This flavour contains a touch of sourness from the orange and the sweetness from the apple. By bringing together the two simple yet delicate flavours of fruits, it intertwines the two distinctive tastes on our taste buds in a perfectly blended ratio. On a side note, it shares a rather similar taste with “tic tac” candies. Drip Code succesfully put just the right amount of flavour from both fruits in the blend, presenting a well balanced yet not overpowering taste.

The locally renowned Drip Code is always coming up with new flavors for the enjoyment of their wonderful supporters with their all-new White series that recently launched, it stays true to their signature mixed fruit flavors but also introducing two new creamy flavors, showcasing the versatility of the brand. This shows that you can never let your guard down when it comes to Drip Code because just when you think that mixed fruit flavors are their strong suit, they catch you off guard by showing you that they aren’t strangers to creamy flavors either. So if you’re a fan of creamy flavors, I would definitely keep an eye out for Drip Code if I were you.

Let’s start off with the new mixed fruit flavors;


This mixture of honeydew and watermelon is like nothing you have ever tasted before. It sets itself apart from its competitors because on the inhale you get a mellow and refreshing taste of honeydew paired with the refreshing undertone of watermelon which at first will take you by surprise as it perplexes your taste buds, but as you exhale it feels like your mouth is letting out a delightful mild chilly breeze. The subtle coldness to this flavor helps in emphasizing the distinctive taste that all melons share.

Not only that, for vapers who are particular about sweetness, I have some wonderful news for you. The sweetness of this flavor can be adjusted depending on the wattage that you are firing at. After playing around with this flavor, I’ve noticed that if you increase the wattage that you are firing at, it enhances the sweetness of the flavor and vice versa if you would like to decrease the sweetness.


Strawberry is considered a staple for fruity juices, and occasionally creamy juices, in the vape industry but over the years it has experienced a decrease in popularity because most vapers have already had enough of this scarlet fruit. However, Drip Code accepted the challenge by brewing a blend of strawberry and candy in hopes that it would bring back the popularity of strawberry based flavors once again. In my opinion, they have succeeded in doing so. If what you’re expecting is the usual overplayed taste of strawberries then what you will get from this flavor is the total opposite. This unique taste of luscious candied strawberries brings a pleasant sweetness which is not too overwhelming and a lively candy taste which dances on your tongue.


Now we step into the creamy flavors that Drip Code has in stored for all of you creamy lovers out there. Smoothie type flavors are beginning to make an appearance on the shelves of vape shops nowadays, but this tropical banana smoothie is definitely something to look out for. I know that some people might turn away just from hearing the fruit ‘banana’ but this flavor is not anything like its competitors. It has the milky and creamy impression of a smoothie that has been blended with the mild taste of fresh bananas which coats the traditional sweetness of bananas making the inhale smooth and thick as if you’re actually drinking a smoothie and on the exhale is the taste of humble banana undertone. For me personally, I feel like this flavor is something that both fruity and creamy lovers can enjoy because the creaminess of smoothy type flavors are more bearable compared to flavors that are purely creamy.


Peanut butter and jelly always go perfectly together hand in hand and it’s something that we crave every now and then. The salty and creamy taste of peanut butter fused with the sweet delectable taste of jelly tingles your taste buds as it makes its way through the first puff that you take. On the inhale, it gives off the impression of a spoonful of smooth golden brown peanut butter glazing your entire mouth as you relish the taste of roasted peanuts and just when you think that you can’t sense even the slightest trace of jelly, the fine undertone of jelly exits as you exhale. In my opinion, what I like about this flavor is that the creaminess is not too profuse and the taste is just mild enough for you to fully enjoy it to its full capacity without getting tired of it too quickly.

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