Performance of Handmade Fused Claptons

We have been asked many times about Clapton Coils, so we went to GarageVape at Sunway and the experts about it. They make two types of handmade coils, Fused Claptons and Parallel Fused Claptons. Coil Artist Ariel makes them with imported wires from USA, usually with wires from Lightning Vapes and Kidney Puncher.

According to Ariel, who uses Fused Claptons frequently, with proper care and maintenance, a pair of Clapton Coils can last over a month of usage. The ones made in bulk with machines doesn’t last as long, and wont deliver flavor as deliciously as the handmade ones.

Their Fused Clapton Coil uses two thick wires (26 gauge) as core, and wrapped around with hair-thin wires, most-likely 36-40 gauge, to create a new form of coil with much bigger surface area, without lowering the resistance much. This combination also creates a plenty of gaps for e-liquid to sip in. Hence when enough power is delivered to the coil, a greater amount of e-liquid is cooked and evaporated. This will create a thicker vapor and denser taste. Not surprisingly, this means your e-juice will finish sooner.

We purchased two sets from GarageVape, and tested with some fruity flavors, it does bring the taste to a new level. With the performance so far, we will say it is worthy of RM25 per pair. Unlike machine-made coils, it delivers much more flavor and thicker clouds which are noticeable.

However we would suggest to run it on minimum dual batts, as it requires a minimum of 40 watts to fire, which drains battery much faster than conventional coil builds.

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