#GarageVape @ Bandar Sunway

Opened since July 2015, #GarageVape is a great addition to the Subang and Sunway’s vape community. We fell in love with this place after our first visit. All of us liked the atmosphere and made it our regular shop for our vaping supplies. It is definitely one of the best vape shop in the area. Just go and see it for yourself. Thumbs up, keep up the good work!


This vape shop strategically located near Sunway University and Monash University. Because of the close distance to nearby landmarks such as Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Hotel, many tourists choose this shop for vape resupplies.

Update: Vermillion River E-juice from Minnesota, USA is also now available at GarageVape Sunway. As you know Vermillion River makes one of the best Tobacco flavor based e-liquid. Really quality stuff.
Vermillion River E-Liquid at Subang Sunway Malaysia Garage Vape

GarageVape Sunway
First Floor
59 Jalan PJS 11/9
46150 Bandar Sunway
Petaling Jaya

(Opposite Sunway University, above Weng Tai Workshop, a few shops away from Garage51)

Business Hours



016-2407127 (Whatsapp Only)

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List of Juices available in Subang Jaya / Sunway / Petaling Jaya #garagevape:

  1. 7TH DIAMOND VAPOR Zeus (Hazelnut, Coffee, Tobacco, Caramel & Vanilla) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  2. ABBEY VS Horny Mango (Mango) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  3. ACE OF HEARTS Crazy 8 (Strawberry & Cocolate) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  4. AJ VAPE Mango Blackcurrant 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  5. AJ VAPE Peach Lemon 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  6. AJ VAPE Triple Two 222 (Mixed Berries) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  7. BANGSAWAN Strawberry Blackcurrant 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  8. BARAGAS Pineapple & Coconut 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  9. BARAGAS Watermelon 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  10. BETELGEUSE Auntie Rosie 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  11. BETELGEUSE Black Magic 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  12. BETELGEUSE Candy Bell 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  13. BETELGEUSE Legend 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  14. BETELGEUSE Mango Tree 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  15. BOATUCK SAM 7UP (Lime Beverage) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  16. BOATUCK SAM PUAKA JUICE (Blackcurrant & Honeydew) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  17. BUDAK BAEK Mangga (Green Mango) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  18. CHASY Eye Candy (Tobacco, Nuts & Berries) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  19. CHASY The Viking (Winter Fruits & Candies) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  20. CLOUD CHASERS Blackcurrant Mix 30mℓ 6mg 70vg
  21. CLOUD CHASERS Honeydew Mix 30mℓ 6mg 70vg
  22. CLOUD CHASERS Sirap Bandung 30mℓ 6mg 70vg
  23. CLOUD NINERS Blackcurrant 55mℓ 3mg 70vg
  24. CLOUD NINERS Honeydew 55mℓ 3mg 70vg
  25. CLOUD NINERS Strawberry 55mℓ 3mg 70vg
  26. DAVAPES 555 (Iced Honeydew) 30mℓ 0mg 40vg
  27. DAVAPES 555 (Iced Honeydew) 30mℓ 6mg 40vg
  28. DAVAPES 666 (Iced Grape) 30mℓ 0mg 40vg
  29. DAVAPES 666 (Iced Grape) 30mℓ 6mg 40vg
  30. DAVAPES 777 (Iced Mango & Apricot) 30mℓ 0mg 40vg
  31. DAVAPES 777 (Iced Mango & Apricot) 30mℓ 6mg 40vg
  32. DAVAPES 888 (Iced Mango) 30mℓ 0mg 40vg
  33. DAVAPES 888 (Iced Mango) 30mℓ 6mg 40vg
  34. DOPE PREMIUM D.O.P.E. (Freezing Lychee) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  35. DR BREW Rootbeer 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  36. ELECTRIC Black Current (Blackcurrant) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  37. ELECTRIC Hydro Dew (Honeydew) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  38. ELECTRIC Mango Charges (Mango) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  39. ELECTRIC Pulse Berry (Berries) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  40. EQUAL Blue (Tutti Frutti)35mℓ 6mg 50vg
  41. EQUAL Green (Sour Strawberry) 35mℓ 6mg 50vg
  42. EQUAL Orange (Minty Fruits) 35mℓ 6mg 50vg
  43. EQUAL Pink (Pomegranate Mint) 35mℓ 6mg 50vg
  44. EQUAL Purple (Ribena Mint) 35mℓ 6mg 50vg
  45. EQUAL Red (Bubblegum) 35mℓ 6mg 50vg
  46. EQUAL Yellow (Fruity Candy) 35mℓ 6mg 50vg
  47. FCUKIN FLAVA Cool Berry (Strawberry) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  48. FCUKIN FLAVA Cool Berry (Strawberry) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  49. FCUKIN FLAVA Fcukin Cloud (Blue) (Honeydew & Bubble Gum) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  50. FCUKIN FLAVA Fcukin Cloud (Red) (Ribena) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  51. FCUKIN FLAVA Fcukin Munkey (Honeydew & Bubble Gum) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  52. FCUKIN FLAVA Freezy Mango (Mango) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  53. FCUKIN FLAVA Freezy Pineapple (Pineapple) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  54. FEEL FRESH Apple & Aloevera 30mℓ 6mg 40vg
  55. FEEL FRESH Creamy Banana 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  56. FIREJUICE Lovena (Mango & Creamy Orange) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  57. FIREJUICE Rootbeer Lime 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  58. FIREJUICE Seduce (Dragon Fruit, Peach & Berries) 30mℓ 0mg 50vg
  59. FIREJUICE Soursop Butterscotch 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  60. FIREJUICE Strawberry Ginseng 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  61. FLUX Mango Blackcurrant 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  62. FLUX Root Beer 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  63. FLUX Strawberry Raspberry 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  64. FLUX Sweet Corn 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  65. J@NDA JUICZZ (Blue) (Honeydew) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  66. J@NDA JUICZZ (Light Brown) (Apple Mint) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  67. JUICE HUT Straffy Cheesecake (Strawberry Cheesecake) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  68. JUICE REPUBLIK Mango Lassi 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  69. KIMOCHI BEAR Angel Kiss (Tobacco & Coffee) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  70. KIMOCHI BEAR Bahama Mama (Passion Fruit, Pineapple & Jasmine Tea) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  71. KLOUD REPUBLIK Freaking Rootz (Rootbeer) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  72. KLOUD REPUBLIK Granation (Grape) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  73. KLOUD REPUBLIK Honey Punch (Honeydew & Mango) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  74. KLOUD REPUBLIK Pinky Peach 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  75. LIQUID GAME Brown Magic (Butterscotch & chocolate chip cookies) 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  76. LIQUID GAME Green Fantasy (Lime Slurpee) 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  77. MADHOUZ Crest (Sour Plum, Pomegranate & Guava) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  78. MADHOUZ Shiver (Dried Plum, Wintermelon & Peach) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  79. MOUNT BAKER VAPOR Thug Juice (Berries, Melons & Menthol) 15mℓ 6mg 50vg
  80. NENEN Nenen (Milk Powder) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  81. OVERDOSE Guava 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  82. OVERDOSE Mango 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  83. OVERDOSE Mix Merry 30mℓ 9mg 50vg
  84. OVERDOSE Orange 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  85. PIMP MY JUICE V2 Blackcurrant Ice 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  86. PIMP MY JUICE V2 Cola Beer 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  87. PIMP MY JUICE V2 Mango Apricot 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  88. PIMP MY JUICE V2 Milky Strawberry 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  89. PIMP MY JUICE V2 Nescafe Ice 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  90. PIMP MY JUICE V2 Sirap Bandung 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  91. PURE VG Vegetable Glycerin 30mℓ 0mg 100vg
  92. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Cloud Chasing Chimps – Black Apple 25mℓ 6mg 60vg
  93. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Cloud Chasing Chimps – Dragon of the East 25mℓ 6mg 60vg
  94. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Cloud Chasing Chimps – The Story Teller 25mℓ 6mg 60vg
  95. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Spot On – Canned Peach 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  96. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Spot On – Cranberry Juice 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  97. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Spot On – Energy Drink 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  98. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Spot On – Mango Candy 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  99. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Spot On – Passion Fruit 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  100. REPUBLIC OF CHIMPS Spot On – Rootbeer 30mℓ 6mg 60vg
  101. ROOKS REBORN Blackcurrant Chiller 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  102. ROOKS REBORN Mango Chiller 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  103. ROOKS REBORN Sour Strawbrry Chiller 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  104. SNAKE VAPOR Batman Brown (Peach Mint) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  105. SNAKE VAPOR Batman Yellow (Peach + Strawberry Mint) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  106. SNAKE VAPOR Death Stroke (Slurpee Ice) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  107. SNAKE VAPOR Green Lantern (Honeydew & Orange) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  108. SNAKE VAPOR Joker (Mixed Fruit Blend) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  109. SNAKE VAPOR Spiderman (Strawberry & Orange) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  110. SNAKE VAPOR Superman (Bain Freeze Mint) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  111. SNAKE VAPOR The Flash (Red Apple & Mint) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  112. SNAKE VAPOR The Hulk (Hacks) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  113. SNAKE VAPOR Wonder Woman (Iced Blackcurrant) 10mℓ 6mg 50vg
  114. STRONGBREW Tobacco 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  115. STRONGBREW Vanilla Custard 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  116. TREMB II PUFF Classic Yam (Yam Icecream) 32mℓ 6mg 30vg
  117. TROPICANO Twistere Apple 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  118. VAPEJUICE Kryptic (Strawberry & Mixed Fruits) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  119. VAPEJUICE Mystree (Blackcurrant) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  120. VAPING FOLKS Cloudy Fruits (Green Apple & Strawberry) 30mℓ 6mg 40vg
  121. VAPING FOLKS Emvapor (Strawberry Custard) 30mℓ 6mg 40vg
  122. VAPINGFOLKS 69 Sixty-Nine (Mango & Pineapple) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  123. VAPINGFOLKS Dewy Frost (Blackcurrant & Honeydew) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  124. VAPORBOY Legend Luice (Barley) 30mℓ 6mg 50vg
  125. VAPORBOY Neskafe Ice Latte (Coffee) 37mℓ 6mg 50vg
  126. VAPORBOY Tundra (Lemon Soda) 32mℓ 6mg 50vg
  127. VAPORBOY Tundra (Mango Cocktail) 32mℓ 6mg 50vg
  128. VAPORBOY Tundra (Milky Strawberry) 32mℓ 6mg 50vg
  129. VERMILLION RIVER Kentucky Premium Blend (Tobacco, Caramel & Nut) 15mℓ 5mg
  130. VERMILLION RIVER Kentucky Premium Blend (Tobacco, Caramel & Nut) 15mℓ 10mg
  131. VERMILLION RIVER Kentucky Premium Blend (Tobacco, Caramel & Nut) 15mℓ 15mg
  132. VERMILLION RIVER KY4 (Tobacco, Caramel & Nut) 15mℓ 5mg
  133. VERMILLION RIVER KY4 (Tobacco, Caramel & Nut) 15mℓ 10mg
  134. VERMILLION RIVER KY4 (Tobacco, Caramel & Nut) 15mℓ 15mg

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