Codes 16 47 73 by The Drip Code

Drip code, the e-liquid that even James Bond couldn’t get his hands on, consists of three flavors that were previously unknown but it has finally been decoded and this classified information will now be released to the public.

Code 16, my personal favorite, is a delectable mix of apples and oranges that will probably taste similar to everyone’s favorite tic tac candy

. Its sweetness from the apples combined with the sour taste of oranges is a combination that will leave you in awe. Definitely a flavor I would describe as simple yet sublime.

Code 73, the flavor that comes very close to beating Code 16 in my opinion, is a unique blend of grape and lychee which surprisingly works very well together. The mild sweetness and subtle taste of lychee compliments the distinctive taste of grapes, making it a flavor that most will find easily acceptable that is also pleasant to vape on.

Code 47, a flavor that is for all the mango lovers out there. This is also another unique mix as it is a fusion of mango and guava. The mango has a mellow taste just like a ripe mango paired with a grainy and soothing guava undertone. I would highly recommend vaping this on a hot day.

All 3 drip code flavors contain 3mg nicotine and a 70VG/30PG ratio. Now you might think that it’s catered more towards cloud chasers and that the flavor is going to taste mild due to it being high in VG and having low nic content but that’s not the case. The flavor is just the right amount of sweet with a mild cooling sensation that makes your taste buds crave for more.

I would also like to note that these e-liquids don’t gunk up your coils as much, saving the hassle of constantly having to clean your coils every few hours. On another note, this is solely my personal opinion so please do try it for yourself as you might have different tastes and do recommend it to your friends as well as they might turn out to like it as much as I do.


Updated on 15 Apr 2017: Drip Code revealed that they will be giving away free Caps and E-Liquids through lucky draws. Keep an eye open about any updates on their Facebook page at

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