Cocktail Series by Brewtenderco

Brewtenderco has come up with some exciting new juices to ‘shake-up’ the e-liquid industry with three zesty flavours in its’ cocktail series. They introduced the Lemon Mojito, Apple Mojito and also Watermelon Mojito, each packing a different wow-factor for vapers. The flavours are as exciting in nature, as are the drinks it got its’ inspirations from as each one of it has its’ own distinctive taste and sensation when vaping.

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All the three flavours share a few similarities in terms of its’ Mojito taste but has some small but significant differences to suit the preferences of many different vapers. All three has only a slight hint of mint which in my opinion, brings out the flavour better so the vapers can have tastier drags instead of vaping a juice with an overpowering mint agent. Also, they all have a zesty body of flavour made with imported ingredients to ensure the quality of the juice itself. Top stuff!

To break down the differences of the three, let’s begin with the Lemon Mojito, simple, delicious and simply mojito. The Lemon Mojito is all that of an actual mojito beverage without the bitterness of alcohol. I have been vaping this flavour for approximately three weeks now and I haven’t had a problem with inconsistency or queasiness which can be a big problem for flavours that are on the sweeter side. Don’t be too quick to judge this flavour to pack a heavy throat-hit, because to the contrary, it is mild and soothing to the throat which makes it easy to vape.

Then there’s the Apple Mojito, which has a real genuine green apple taste to it. It is everything I would describe a fresh green apple, tasty, sweet and a little bit of sour. Among the three, I find that the Apple Mojito is the tastiest to vape all day because of the balance of sweet and sour. The Apple Mojito has a particular fragrance to it as well, which works well as a palate cleanser when jumping between flavours especially creamy ones. Every puff leaves me wanting more, no kidding.

Finally, the Watermelon Mojito is the sweetest among the three. It can be a real treat for sweet tooth vapers as it has a very refreshing watermelon taste and the sweetness of a candy. This flavour personally sparks nostalgic memories of chewing on a certain watermelon bubble-gum as a kid, one that was readily available at any convenient store. When vaping this juice, I find that the after taste leaves a lingering fruity flavour, more so than when inhaling. Apart from the flavour, the attractive red liquid itself pulls my attention all too much to not use it.

The three juices were tested on a Kayfun lite v2, a flavour intensive tank, Subtank mini and a Mutation V4 dripper. The juices were delicate in taste when used in the tanks, especially the Kayfun. For flavour chasers, such precision in flavour is worth salivating for. The vaping experience with these juices on the two tanks were very smooth and soothing on the throat, leaving a pleasant aftertaste, depending on which juice it is. On the mutation however, I got a warm vape sensation when dripping all three of the juices which I personally like. The three liquids work best with a slightly restricted air-flow, 50% open to be specific. The sweetness is well enhanced on the dripper as well, with a trade-off of its’ mint component. The mint cannot be felt on the dripper but I suppose it is to be expected with the amount of cooling agent added to the juice in the first place.

Juice specifications:

  • Price: RM35
  • Size: 60mL
  • Nicotine – 0mg/3mg/6mg, USP-Grade
  • VG:PG – 70:30, USP-Grade
  • Cooling effect: Minimal

*USP is short for United States Pharmacopeia which is a non-profit organisation that sets quality standards for food ingredients.


This fruity trio made with quality, imported ingredients checks most of the items on my list. Tasty, a good mixture of flavours, non-queasy, good quality ingredients, soothing throat hit and they are also great value for money as each of the bottle contains 60ml of liquid for only RM35. The juices from the cocktail series are great for both flavour chasers and cloud chasers alike. The bottling and design looks great and is easy to be brought around. All in all, I would definitely recommend to get your eager hands on these three premium e-liquids. For more information, do visit their website to find out more or to order.

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