Bloody Mary & Uncle Facka by Vape Thugs

Gemini is back again with yet another review for the up and coming brand, VapeThugs which is really making a name for itself through their Drip Master line and now a new addition to the family being Uncle Facka line which is a premium creamy E-liquid line. They have begun blending a couple new juices which took me by surprise and I am delighted! Their recent brew of Bloody Mary and Uncle Facka Choco Banana, as bizarre as the names come, did not disappoint once again with their lovely mixes.

Starting off the review with Uncle Facka Choco Banana as said by VapeThugs which described it as “a lovely blend of sweet caramelized banana drizzled with milk chocolate with a hint of vanilla essence.” This flavor was very appealing which urged me to begin brainstorming about what kind of flavor this reminded me of. After several drags of this flavor, I began envisioning a typical Malaysian delicacy called ‘pisang goreng’ which basically translated means fried banana or banana fritters whilst adding VapeThugs’ own special mix to top it off with a nice coat of chocolate finish. With such description, it still is yet to do the flavor justice.  This vision had become a reality which got me hooked when we can find juices we can relate to our everyday food snacks. Many whispers have gone around about the general taste of this as a juice being somewhat strong and too creamy. VapeThugs’ mix disproved this as Uncle Facka was blended to perfection as it didn’t come off too strong or too creamy as this is the taste that is to be expected from well-established creamy e-liquids.

Vape Thugs Choco Banana

Using the Mutation X V4 dripper, it gives a whole flavor of the delicious fried banana taste coupled with a strong chocolate aftertaste whilst providing a mouthful of vapor. However, at certain points in time it begins to become slightly overwhelming which is to be expected when running creamy flavors on a dripper. To some, this can be a downside, as they dislike the strong throat-hit this juice provides and the blend of flavor that seemed to stick in your mouth. However, I personally found myself constantly licking my lips to enjoy the full taste of the flavor and the throat hit it gave urged me to vape it consistently as it is a personal preference of mine to seek the throat hit kind of flavors. On a dripper, I would say that it is really an acquired taste as some may not enjoy the full-bodied flavor which personally would satisfy many flavor-chasers.

As for this chocolate delight in tanks, its safe to say that it is significantly better than it is on a dripper. I tested this on a Kanger Subtank and a Kayfun lite v2 and quite frankly it works best on the flavor chasing tank, the Kayfun. I would suspect that this is because the Kayfun brings out the complexity of the flavor with a banana like flavor when inhaled and a distinct chocolate taste when exhaled. Furthermore, it also leaves the sweetness on your lips, thus; some might argue it gives a comprehensive vape experience, this juice. On the Subtank however, the flavor is a little milder as compared to the Kayfun which in many cases, is also a good thing. All in all, I’d say the flavor is more enjoyable on a tank in comparison to drippers

The ingredients they used were of top quality and if you have not checked out our previous review here’s a brief summarization of what ingredients they used.


Juice Specifications

  • Price: RM45
  • Size: 30mL
  • Nicotine: 6mg
  • VG: 60%
  • PG: 40%
  • Cooling effect: Local cooling agent

Why choose VapeThugs?

  • VapeThugs’ E-liquids uses USP-grade (United States Pharmacopeia) Propelene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin and nicotine.
  • VapeThugs’ E-liquids condemn the usage of artificial coloring in their juices; any color found are all the natural colour of the E-liquid.
  • VapeThugs’ E-liquids uses glass bottles with safety caps for their packaging with waterproof labeling. VapeThugs’ E-liquids have acquired a brand flavoring from Capella which aims towards flavorings suited to a majority of vapers’ taste pallets.
  • VapeThugs’ E-liquids uses local Malaysian cooling agents for the cooling effect
    All of VapeThugs’ E-liquids are steeped to perfection to achieve optimal flavor.
  • VapeThugs’ bottles have gotten a facelift with a brand new, unique labelling for each bottle which is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as well as for hand-check pictures.


On the other hand, VapeThugs has also developed a juice under Drip Master called Bloody Mary which they described as “A blend of Ribena, blackcurrant and fresh strawberries. Together with a cool icy effect.” This was a brief but overall, precise representation of the e-liquid. At first drag of this juice, I simply couldn’t keep my hands off my vaporizer. It seemed to call to me as I looked forward to getting the flavorful cooling blackcurrent with the tinge of strawberry aftertaste. This was used on a Mutation X V4 as well which came together to be an amazing blend as the icy effect was not to the point where it got too cold that you would stay away from the liquid. It just seemed to come together perfectly having the full-bodied flavor coupled with the tinge of icy cool. Personally, it reminded me of my childhood growing up with those chilled ribena packets. The juiciness of the fruits as well as the ribena was not dialed down and it felt as if I was actually consuming the drink and eating the fruit.

It only gets better with the tanks! It was simply delightful on a Kayfun and I say that with all confidence as it only kept me wanting more and more. As said before in a previous review, these juices are the type that could be vaped for hours on end without a feeling of sate and I stick by my word especially with this one. As for the vaping experience, every puff you take, the sweetness is optimum and not overwhelming and it provides adequate throat hit if you ask me. On top of that the cooling agent also aids in making this juice simply lovely to vape on. However, I did notice that it gunks the coils a tad faster than the other juices but really, it doesn’t bother me. Knowing every time I re-wick my coils, I’m moments away from enjoying this great juice once again.

Drip Master Bloody Mary


To conclude the entire review, Drip Master has once again surprised me with their blends of flavor which may sometimes seem erratic. However, with expert precision, they managed to create what some would call a perfect blend of E-liquid which didn’t come off overwhelming. The bottling and presentation was done well with a fantastic new facelift which is pleasing to the eyes. The flavor is easy to lose yourself in, be it Uncle Facka or Bloody Mary for both flavor-chasers as well as cloud-chasers. For a premium e-liquid at RM45, it is definitely worth the buy. Also, key in the promocode #gvape30 to enjoy a 30% discount for VapeThugs’ fantastic E-liquids which can be found at

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