Rebuildable atomizer, rebuildable tank atomizer, rebuildable dripper atomizer. These heads are generally made from stainless steel and employ a rebuildable coil and wick system, with a tank reservoir in the case of the RTA. Unlike most other ecig parts, an RBA is not a disposable item, which is part of its functionality: in theory an RBA might last for ever, needing only Nichrome or Kanthal resistance wire and wick material such as raoyon, cotton, stainless steel mesh or silica rope for rebuilding the coil and wick occasionally (these are widely available for other purposes). Combined with a generic battery holder body (APV), they are essentially an everlasting device that only needs common parts for occasional maintenance. Some are small and slim in format, others fairly substantial. The tank variants must be refilled from a bottle.
The emergence of RBAs has caused a renaissance in the mechanical APV market (‘mechmods’), since only these devices can reliably handle the high current demanded by the super-low resistance coils popular with some RBA users (often below 1 ohm, and referred to as ‘sub-ohm’ coils). These devices are capable of producing huge amounts of vapour, which is part of the attraction for some vapers.

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