The less common battery size in the vaping world. The more popular size is 18650.


Considered as ‘Midium-Sized-Battery’ in the vaping world. The more commonly used is 18650.


A classification given to a specific size of Li-Ion battery popularly used in APVs, mechanical mods, and tube mods.


A two-part electronic cigarette consisting of a battery and a cartomizer. As more and more advanced mods and tanks are being invented, you don’t see many of these in Malaysia or overseas anymore.


In the bad-old-days, vapers had no choice but to use these. It’s a three-part electronic cigarette consisting of a battery, atomizer and cartridge. Most vapers now use bigger mods with a clearomizers / tanks, which give better performance and carry more e-juice.

306 (aka LR306)

Not many people uses LR306 anymore, as most vapers prefer clearomizers these days. It is one of many styles of atomizers available. It is a 510 threaded atomizer with low resistance.Many 510 users use LR306 atomizers on their batteries because it gives more vapor production and better throat hit.


The most popular and common style of threading for electronic cigarettes available. Originally developed by the company JoyE, it quickly became the standard within the industry. It also has whats known as a male thread. 99% of the tanks and mods you find in Malaysia uses this standard.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV)

An APV usually consists of a bigger battery, and features things such as variable voltage or variable wattage. Also referred to as a modified e-cig (MOD). Malaysians refer this as mod, body or simply battery.

All Day Vape (ADV)

The e liquid or e juice that you personally enjoy over any other and can vape on all day long without it getting old. Also referred to as Daily Vape.

Amperage (amps)

Amperage is the flow of energy along a circuit. In APV’s the lower the amps, the less capable you are of using high voltages on low resistance atomizers. This is prevalent in high voltage upon low resistance atomizers in dual coil cartomizers or clearomizers.


It is a slang term used by the vaping community describing “traditional” cigarettes.


A method used to seal and finish aluminium. An electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Aqueous Glycerine (AG)

The process in which VG liquid is thinned with deionized water, making it less viscous (make it less ‘thick’).

Ass Juice

This is a common term used for rating an e liquid that tastes horrible. The main cause of this rating is by vapers experimenting with different e liquids and coming up with horrid results.

Atomizer (aka Atty)

The atomizer or atty is contained in a metal housing that is screwed into the battery; and contains the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. It is the component in an electronic cigarette or vaporizer that is responsible for heating the e liquid to the point of vaporization. Some atomizers tanks such as SMOK’s VCT and Aspire’s Nautilus and Atlantis use plug-and-play replaceable atomizers which can be easily installed to the base of the tank.


A style of electronic cigarette/ vaporizer battery that does not have a button to activate the heating element. They are unsealed which allows airflow. When the user draws on the mouthpiece, a special sensor within the atomizer is activated by changing air pressure. In the modern vaping world, most mods are not automatic. Non-automatic e-cigarettes are found to be more reliable and gives less problems.

Automatic Shutoff

A common safety feature found on personal vaporizers that only allows the discharge of a battery for a set period of time. The average shutoff time is 10 seconds, however it is usually a smaller amount of time in ecigs and disposables.


Bottom coil clearomizer. The atomizer coil sits at the bottom of the clearomizer tank.


Another term for “Bottom dual coil clearomizer”. Refer to BCC.

Box Mod

A box mod is any PV or APV that comes in a box shape.

Brick and Mortar (B&M)

A physical store that you can buy electronic cigarette or vaping related products.


A battery charger used to recharge your e-cig battery once it dies. Many PVs and APVs now offers Mini USB charge.

Cleanroom / Clean room

A vape cleanroom helps prevent contamination of vape juice during manufacturing, production and packaging. Cleanrooms are free-standing structures that can be assembled within a few days to provide an ISO 5-8 fully contained environment equipped with ULPA or HEPA filter/fan units.


Also known as simply ‘tanks’. A clearomizer is a transparent version of a cartomizer, designed to let users know how much e liquid they have left. It is usuallly made of thin, and easy breakable plastic, to maintain transparency. Clearomizers hold 2-3ml of e liquid, depending on the size and design. It’s two popular designs are Bottom Coil Clearomizer, and Top Coil Clearomizer.


Due to the highly dense water content in vapor, The vapor that is exhaled when smoking electronic cigarettes is referred to as clouds.


The wire that is used to vaporize the e liquid by creating an electrical circuit. The coil is usually made up of Nichrome or Kanthal wire. The wire being used to make it is measured in AWG.

Custom Mod

Any PV or APV that was handmade from parts not designed for vaping. This can even include wooden Mods.


A safety feature that automatically stops the device / mod from firing. It helps prevent from pressing the button for too long when the mod is placed in pockets or bags. Additionally, it prevents you from taking a drag too long and prevents the atomizer from overheating. Most devices / mods has a 10 second cut-off.


The flat base area where the positive and negative posts sit on an RBA/RDA, which is designed to keep e liquid off of the battery connection.


Removing the wick from an atomizer.

Digital Cigarette

Another name for Electronic Cigarette.

Disposable E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes that are designed to be used and then thrown away.


DNA is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporizers. It
features Wattage Control, Temperature Protection, Preheat, Step Up/Step Down
Topology, Digital User Controls, OLED Screen, Onboard Buttons and Synchronous Rectification for
maximum battery life and minimal heat generation.


The act of a vaper inhaling from their mouth on the electronic cigarette mouthpiece / drip tip.


To drip drops of e-liquid into an atomizer.

Drip On-Demand (DOD)

An add-on that is used to feed e liquid into your atomizer by squeezing the bottle. It makes dripping easier.

Drip Tip

A mouthpiece accessory with an opening that allows drops of e liquid to be dripped directly to the atomizer/cartomizer without the removal of the tip.

Dripping (DD; direct dripping)

Vaping by adding a few drops of e liquid directly into the atomizer chamber instead of using a cartridge. This is the method that gives the best vapor quantity and flavor quality.

Dry Burn/Hit

Purposefly firing an atomizer on a battery without e liquid to saturate it, which results in the heating up, and glowing of the coil. This allows the cleaning of the coil by burning off impurities.

E Cig Accessories

Additional pieces to enhance your experience using e-cigarettes. They include chargers, extra batteries, and things like cases and lanyards.

E Juice

Most commonly known as e liquid.

E Liquid

The solution that is vaporized within the e-cigarette cartridge, comprised of Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine and Flavoring. Also referred to as E-Juice, Juice, or Smoke Juice.

E Smoke

Another short/slong for Electronic Cigarette.

E-NIC (Electronic Nicotine Inhaler)

Another name for the electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette (e-cig)

An emerging alternative to traditional cigarettes that allows users to enjoy smoking without many of the harmful side effects. It contains e liquid that is vaporized upon inhalation and usually consists of flavors and nicotine.


This refers to the particular flavor of your e liquid.


This occurs when too much e liquid is put into the atomizer. The indicator of flooding is a gurgling sound and the performance of the atomizer is sometimes negatively affected.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

An administrative branch of the United States government that oversees rules and regulations pertaining to the safety of food and drug products sold in the USA.


A clearomizer that uses glass rather than plastic for the tank. Examples would be the Kanger Protank, Aspire Nautilus and Aspire Atlantis.

GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)

This acronym was created by the FDA to ensure people that the product that they are using is considered safe.

High Resistance (HR)

An atomizer or cartomizer with a higher Ohm rating than the standard equipment. This allows you to apply higher voltage to the coil.

Hot Spot

Areas of excess heat on the atomizer coil. Hot Spots are a known cause of Dry Hits.


High Voltage /device that operates above the standard 3.7 volts.

HV Atty

An atty designed for higher voltage vaping, not for use with standard batteries due to low power.

HV Mod

A dual battery or boosted supply mod (modification) to allow higher power vaping.

Hybrid, Hybrid PV, Hybrid Mod

A combined topper and battery holder designed to fit together as one seamless unit.


Lithium Ion Cobalt Rechargeable Battery.


Lithium Ion Manganese Rechargeable Battery.


The act of breathing the vapor into your lungs.


Another name for e liquid.

Kanthal Wire

Trademark for a family of iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) alloys used in high temperature applications.

Kanthal, Kanthal A1

Kanthal is a specific brand of resistance wire that is used in building coils for electronic cigarettes, usually sold for Rebuildables. Kanthal A1 is a specific grade of Kanthal wire which is widely known to be the best wire for coil use.


Another way to describe throat hit.

Knuckle Head

An adjustable drip tip that can be set to any angle desired.


E liquid can leak out of the bottom of the clearomizer/atomizer/cartomizer and onto the battery, which in some cases can cause damage to the device and causing a shortage.


The Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery; made of different material than the Li-Ion batteries.


Also referred to as e liquid, e juice, smoke juice, or just juice. This is the liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette.

Lithium Ion Batteries (Li-Ion)

Considered the strongest and most powerful batteries in the electronic cigarette market, coming in many different sizes and shapes.

Low Resistance (LR)

An atomizer or cartomizer with a lower Ohm rating than the standard equipment. This generally causes the heating element to get hotter faster and produces vapor more quickly.

Manual Shut-off

A safety feature found on most manual devices that allows the user to turn off their battery with 5 clicks of the button in rapid succession in order to make it safe to transport.

Mechanical Mod (Mech Mod, Mech PV, Mech)

An electronic cigarette that doesn’t have any electronics or wiring, it’s just a metal tube with a mechanical switch that holds a battery and a connector for a topper of some sort.

mg strength

(Milligram strength per milliliter-(ml) -This relates to the percentage of nicotine contained within the e-liquid. For example, 6mg is 6mg of nicotine per ml = 0.6% nicotine. To most common used Nicotine Strength in Malaysia is 6mg/ml.

Micro coil

Originally a micro coil refers to the type of wire coil where the coil is wrapped so that the loops of the coil are all touching, requiring more wraps than a traditional coil.

Miligrams (Abbreviated as mg)

The unit of measure for how much nicotine is in an e-liquid. Typical levels in Malaysia include 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg.

Milliampere (mA)

1/1000th of an amp. This number is most often used in reference to the output of chargers.

Milliampere-hour (mAh)

Used to describe the capacity or energy charge that a battery will hold before it needs to be recharged.

Milliliters (mL)

The amount of liquid in a given container.


Short for modification. This originally referred to modifying a flashlight or a battery to be used in vaping, but is now commonly used to refer to any vaping device.

MV (Multi-Voltage)

These are rarer PVs that offer several different voltage settings predetermined by the manufacturer.

Nichrome Wire

The resistance wire used in atomizer coils. Patented in 1905, it is made from nickel, chromium, and (often) iron. A common ratio is 80% nickel to 20% chromium. Generally considered the inferior of the two commonly used atomizer coil materials in cartomizers/clearomizers/atomizers.

Nicotine (Nic)

The substance found within traditional and electronic cigarettes that creates a pleasant sensation. An alkaloid found in tobacco and other plans of the nightshade family. It is available in various strengths, but also optional as some e liquids have the option of no nicotine.

Nicotine Level

The designated amount of nicotine per milliliter of e liquid. The nicotine level is the amount of nicotine present in a cartridge or bottle of e-liquid. It is usually measured in mg/ml.


Ni-MH stands for Nickel-Metal Hydride. Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries have no Cadmium added. and no memory effect so it can be charged or topped-off at any time without affecting battery life.


A new vaper, due to a quick learning curve required to even start vaping, people are usually a real noob for only 1 week.


Common acronym for Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Ohm (Ω)

The standard unit of electrical resistance. A lower number indicates lower resistance and therefore faster heating.

Organic Cotton Coils (OCC)

A new coil setup made by Kangertech. It features a larger heating section, with the addition of the Japanese organic cotton that lasts longer than the majority of other, cheaper cotton coils.


A device that plugs directly into the USB port of a computer or charger and allows the user to vape without having to worry about battery life.

PEG (Polyethylene Glycol)

Polyethylene Glycol
Polyethylene Glycol, a less common ingredient found in e liquid. It is a newer alternative to the main ingredients in used in making e liquid (PG and VG) that has been used in the last few years.

Pen Style

One of many styles of electronic cigarettes available, resembles a ball point pen.

Personal Vaporizer (Abbreviated as PV)

Another name for an Electronic Cigarette, usually in reference to the more untraditional style e-cigs.

Pipe Style

The Pipe style electronic cigarette is also known as an E-Pipe.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

One of two main substances used in the making of e-cigarette liquids. An organic glycerol made from propylene oxide, a petroleum byproduct. It is used in a wide variety of products including solvents, chemical additives, and many medical and pharmaceutical personal care products. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified PG juice under the “Generally Recognized As Safe” designation.


The motion the smoker uses on the e-cig to get a hit. Also knows as draw, inhale. Some fellow Malaysians call it ‘tarik’.


Also known as the draw, inhale or hit. What the smoker does to get the vapor hit from the e-cig.


Rebuildable atomizer, rebuildable tank atomizer, rebuildable dripper atomizer. These heads are generally made from stainless steel and employ a rebuildable coil and wick system, with a tank reservoir in the case of the RTA. Unlike most other ecig parts, an RBA is not a disposable item, which is part of its functionality: in theory an RBA might last for ever, needing only Nichrome or Kanthal resistance wire and wick material such as raoyon, cotton, stainless steel mesh or silica rope for rebuilding the coil and wick occasionally (these are widely available for other purposes). Combined with a generic battery holder body (APV), they are essentially an everlasting device that only needs common parts for occasional maintenance. Some are small and slim in format, others fairly substantial. The tank variants must be refilled from a bottle.
The emergence of RBAs has caused a renaissance in the mechanical APV market (‘mechmods’), since only these devices can reliably handle the high current demanded by the super-low resistance coils popular with some RBA users (often below 1 ohm, and referred to as ‘sub-ohm’ coils). These devices are capable of producing huge amounts of vapour, which is part of the attraction for some vapers.

Rebuildable Atomizer

Rebuildable atomizers vary in design. Some have fabric wicks, while some use mesh and kanthal. Rebuildable atomizers are meant to save on cost and be readily fixable.


The measurement of ohms that allows you to calculate the right amount of voltage to apply to get the best wattage necessary.It comes in two common different variations; low and standard.

Resistance Wire

The wire that is used in an atomizer coil and heats up when an electrical current is applied. It is typically made from Nichrome or Kanthal.

Ribbon Kanthal, Ribbon Wire, Ribbon

A type of resistance “wire” used for building coils. Ribbon wire has a flat cross section rather than round, as with traditional wire.


Material used for building wicks. This is generally used to refer to braided silica cord. Silica has a very high melting point, so it can be cleaned with an open flame like a butane torch.

Smoke Juice

Smoke Juice
Also referred to as E-Liquid, Liquid, Juice, or E-Juice. This is the liquid that is vaporized when using an electronic cigarette.

Smokeless Cigarette

A term used to refer to an electronic cigarette. This term is used due to the fact that no actual smoke is inhaled while using an e-cig.


A risky practice of stacking batteries to create more power than one battery alone can achieve.


Allowing your e liquid to sit either open to the air, or in a sealed container. This is generally not necessary in e liquid that has a high ratio of PG to VG. It is more often necessary in high VG ratio juices.

Stick Style

Any electronic cigarette that resembles the style of a traditional cigarette.


The practice by experienced vapers to increasing the amp capacity of your specific battery and by (using the principles of Ohms Law), reduce the ohms of the coils in the battery to achieve massive vaping clouds.

Sweet Spot

The balance of several variables needed to achieve a satisfying vape. These variables are most commonly; voltage, wattage, resistance, and the flashpoint of the juice.


Holds several milliliters of e juice. Most tanks are used with an atomizer at the bottom.

Thermal Runaway

A very rare but serious occurrence. A chain reaction that results in the fire and bursting of a rechargeable lithium based battery. This happens from a couple different possibilities: overcharging, short circuiting, stacking batteries, physical damage to the battery and other PV malfunctions.

Throat Hit

The feeling an e-cigarette smoker experiences when the vapor hits their throat. Most desire it to feel like a cigarette with a full, yet smooth hit.

Topping Off

Adding a few drops of e-liquid into a cartridge, cartomizer or tank.

Tube Mod

Any PV or APV that comes in a tube shape about the size of a small flashlight.

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UV Sterilization)

A disinfection method using short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) to kill / inactivate microorginisms by destroying nucleic acids and distrupting their DNA.

USB Charger

An e-cigarette battery charger that lets you charge by connecting the battery to your computer’s USB port.

USB passthrough

See passthrough.

Vape Whore

Someone who is constantly vaping every breath of their day.


The experience you get when you put on a new atomizer or cartomizer. That first taste you get from your favorite e liquid.


The name given to the user of the electronic cigarette.

Vaping (vape)

The use of an electronic cigarette – similar to the term smoking when referring to an analog cigarette.


The atomization of e liquid which results in a fog juice vapor which is commonly accepted to be exhaled as water vapor (steam). This is the main visible factor in vaping that simulates smoke, but is a much safer alternative.

Vapor Production

Typically associated with juices. Indicates how much vapor is produced using an average inhale of an e-cigarette.


A vaporizer turns a liquid into a gas or a vapor. This is also another term used for electronic cigarette, ecig or PV.

Variable Voltage (VV)

Any PV, APV, or Mod that allows the user control over the voltage output of their device. Generally recognized as superior to regular PVs that have a static voltage output that cannot be changed.

Variable Wattage (VW)

Any PV, APV, or Mod that allows the user control over the wattage output of their device across the atomizer coil. This differentiates itself from a VV device because the voltage is calculated to arrive at the set wattage.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

A common ingredient found in e liquid. Sweet tasting and of low toxicity, it is thicker than Propylene Glycol and is usually used where thicker liquid or vapour is desired or where a PG sensitivity is present.

Vent holes

vent holes1
A safety measure by adding special holes on the casing of high-end PVs or mods, to vent battery gases away from the face in case of battery explosion.


The amount of kinetic energy which, for our purposes, when paired with resistance creates wattage.

VV Mod

A variable voltage mod. Usually has a removable battery and boosted supply. You can change the voltage to find your vaping sweet spot.

Watt (wattage)

The amount of raw heat that the atomizer coil uses to vaporize your e liquid.


The process of osmosis where more concentrated fluid moves to an area of lesser concentration in an effort to find equilibrium


Wicks are used to deliver e liquid to the coil in electronic cigarettes. Most atomizers use a wicks that are most commonly made from silica cord. However, wicks can also be made from rolled up steel mesh, fiberglass, cotton, and sometimes ceramic materials.


Generally refers to resistance wire used in building coils for atomizers.

Woody (Wood Mod)

Any PV or APV that is handmade and fitted inside a wooden tube or box.